WECARE Message to the world

In a world, often associated with Over-Promises and Under-Delivery, we have developed a reputation for Realism

Our Straight-Talking approach ensures you understand exactly how we will develop your business today and enable innovation moving forward. 

About Us

WECARE is actually a group of professional and experienced Ophthalmology physicians and Surgeons, with a Financial Talented Expert and a Business Strategy innovator, backed up by a different big Egyptian hospital chains.

WECARE is a registered incorporated company in Egypt, The primary office is located in Heliopolis , Cairo/Egypt.

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Our Scope of Delivery

We afford the wide experience and deep expertise, For the establishment of a unique exceptional high quality Medical Centres, Fully dedicated for all class patients. Full-Timey well trained specialists and high quality operating consultants.

Mission, Vision and Values

Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of our medical facility—you will find we are committed to friendly smiles and a willingness to help all of our guests. This commitment is affirmed in our Patient Promise pledge and standard of behaviors—a document that all employees sign every year.